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This blog is not legal advice, but is offered only for general informational purposes.                                                                For legal advice about your particular circumstances, consult a lawyer.

Inspection Negotiations — Part VI

Home Selling 101, Part VI – Do you have to fix everything? Anything? The short answer is, no. But you might lose the sale.  This is a negotiation. Inspection negotiations are just part of the process, and having good counsel from your lawyer and your broker is key.... read more

Home Selling Short Course, Part V

Home Selling 101, Part 5 – Typical home inspection issues. An important thing to remember about your buyer’s inspection of your home: Don’t panic.  Every inspection is unique, just like every home, but there are certain items that come up fairly often and... read more

Home Selling Short Course — Part IV

Home Selling 101, Part 4 – Inspections.  After the contract is accepted, the buyer will have a professional inspection of the home.  Home inspectors are usually very thorough. I have only very rarely seen a home inspection come back without any issues being raised.... read more

Home Selling Short Course, Part III

Home Selling 101, Part 3 – Dealing with the contract. When you get an offer from a buyer, it will normally come in the form of a written contract.  The new contracts are a dozen and more pages long, with dozens of separate paragraph governing every detail of the... read more

Home Selling Short Course — Part II

Home selling 101, Part 2 – Step 2 may seem obvious:  Get an attorney.  But in many parts of the country, real estate transactions are done without attorneys.  Not surprisingly, I suppose, title disputes and other post-closing legal disputes seem to be more prevalent... read more

Home Selling Short Course — Part I

Home selling 101, Part 1 – If you are selling your home, and don’t already have a realtor, you should think seriously about getting a realtor. Realtors add value to your home.  They expose your home to a wider market of potential buyers.  They may show your home on... read more
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