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Home selling 101, Part 1 – If you are selling your home, and don’t already have a realtor, you should think seriously about getting a realtor. Realtors add value to your home.  They expose your home to a wider market of potential buyers.  They may show your home on their company website.  They may provide professional photography.  Generally they can help you get as much value for your house as can be done.  They also know the local market, and can help you price your home properly so you get a good price, but not overprice it so that you end up never selling.  Realtors are paid based on the value your home sells for.  So they have every incentive to get you a good price. Yes, they are paid part of the proceeds, but in my experience they are worth it. After a contract is in place, they also can help the attorney you choose with obtaining necessary paperwork from your village or city, coordinating testing and inspections, and generally being an extra set of eyes and ears to keep the transaction on track.

If you don’t already have a Real Estate Broker, here are some that I work with regularly.

John Flynn — Baird & Warner

Laura Walter — LJW Realty in Homewood

Joe Kunkel — Baird & Warner

Georgeann Weisman — Coldwell Banker

Jen Sjoblom — Baird & Warner

Valerie Kearns — Baird & Warner

Denise Raines — Raines Realty

Marilyn Brown — Baird & Warner

Wil Jackson — Carrington Real Estate


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